Conroy's Rules of Driving

Conroy's Rules of Driving

In my post Conroy's Rules of Driving, I laid out 15 rules that if consistently followed, I believe, would make driving a safer, less stressful, and more social activity. Rules that would fulfill our responsibility as drivers. I've listed them below, with out the expository text, for quick reference.

Most of these rules seem like common sense, and indeed most of them are the standing rules of the road, but as anyone who drives for even a single trip can attest, none of these are followed by all of the people all of the time and many are not followed by (seemingly) most of the people most of the time.

I'd also refer readers to my earlier posts Use Your Turn Signal and Speeding and Its Discontents for further thoughts on better driving.

1. Be aware.
2. Use your turn signal.
3. Be considerate about merging.
4. Obey traffic signs.
5. Use your lights.
6. Always stop at STOP signs.
7. Never run red lights.
8. Get in the correct lane.
9. Don't block the intersection.
10. Slower drivers keep right.
11. Don't tailgate.
12. Be judicious in your use of horns and flashing lights.
13. Make way when turning.
14. Get out of the way of emergency vehicles.
15. Put the cell phone down.

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